Be Part of the Process...Peach Soap Revealed


 Today is summer peach soap making day. I had to wait to get really good peaches. It's July now, so that was a little longer than I had hoped. These are the actual peaches that went into this soap, juicy, ripe and perfect for a peach puree. I used both the meat and the skin. I want all of the color and nutrients I can get.

We had to pick through a lot of peach scents before we stumbled upon our peach perfect. Most were too sweet, some were too green and some didn't smell like peach at all. We never did find the right one so we ended up blending our own. You will smell notes of a freshly bitten, juicy, ripe peach, picked right off the tree with a hint of peach stone.

Do you ever wonder how natural soap is made? When fats or oils and lye are combined in proper proportions, a chemical reaction called saponification occurs. The end result is soap filled with natural, humectant glycerin. Once we have all of our ingredients are mixed and the fragrance and color are added, the raw soap is poured into soap molds. During saponification the soap heats itself and almost like magic becomes the amazing soap you use every day

I named this beautiful soap after my grandmother, Irene. Born in Camilla, Georgia, she was a real Georgia Peach. I have never met one person who didn't absolutely love my grandmother. And there wasn't a stranger on the street that she wouldn't strike up a conversation with. She was kind, loving and generous to a fault. I am not even close to being her first grandchild but I named her Nanny. And even though most of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren after me called her Nanny too, I know she will always be "my" Nanny.

Miss irene's Peaches Soap


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