New Stuff

Now I know the old stuff is still great but everybody loves to switch it up once in a while. 

This is my creative process: 

I get an ideal or find a new fragrance and I think about it for months and months and months. 

It is much easier if I start with the fragrance. If I have to find a fragrance to match the product it could take me forever. 

Everything must be absolutely perfect in my mind, product and packaging.

I order any new supplies, make the formula and knock it out all in one day.

New products appear like magic...unless you consider my extremely long incubation time. is what we have been working on.

Black Mud Soap & Bath Bomb

Black Mud is no ordinary mud, but a very rich mixture of dead sea salts, minerals and oils. Harvested from the dead sea, it contains more than 35 different types of minerals including; magnesium, potassium, calcium, natural tar, and silicon compounds. Transform your tub into your own private spa vacation.

Such a unique bath product needed a unique fragrance, a bold brisk fragrance reminiscent of salty sea spray, driftwood and sand. Underneath lies a musky scent of sea moss, surrounded by soft violets, jasmine and lily roses that give this fragrance a delicate clean character.

It's a little rough around the edges now, but just wait until you get it into the bath. It has a dense, fluffy lather and it feels like smooth polished stones. The aroma is bright and citrusy bergamot flecked with a hint of spicy, fresh ginger. Peeking through the background are sandalwood, Indian patchouli, cedar and sweet basil.

Blood Orange Bath Bombs

Orange lovers beware...imagine a cocktail of blood orange juice with splash of Satsuma orange and Clementine. It's an intoxicating, bright, fruity scent.

Our fizzy balls full of delightful aromas, detoxifying salts, botanicals and luxurious oils and butters make the ultimate bath treat. While you are in the bath, drop one in and treat yourself to a relaxing spa treatment at home.


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