Dilemma No. 432

I didn't know that the seemingly mindless act of taking a random online quiz was going to cause me to contemplate the essence of who I am.

Where is my favorite place to be? Well, I can cross "shopping for finer things" off the list right away. There is nothing wrong with finer things, I just don't want to spend my very limited private time acquiring them.

"Barefoot on the beach"... I love the beach, cool breezes, sandy shores, salty water, crashing waves. In my opinion, the beach is the best part of growing up in LA. Incidentally my mother recently told me she hates the beach...shock and awe!


"Planting a garden"...My dream job is to be a farmer. If I could "poof" and be anything I wanted to be tomorrow, I would be a farmer. I love the idea of providing fresh, nutritious food for people. I would use vacant city lots to set up micro farms so that people could have access to fresh, locally grown food right where they live.

Organic Vegetable Garden

I love Pie! I look at "pie porn" on the internet. I make list of Pie shops I will visit when traveling. Favorite pie...Cherry!  I have a pie Pinterest board. I have a list of pie crust tips. I scour the library for vintage pie recipe books. Last pie attempted... Chess pie, next victim...Buttermilk.

Apple Pie

My dilemma, I love all these thing equally, how, or why should I have to choose a favorite? So what do I do? Should I just choose baking pie because I am hungry, or refuse to make any choice at all and stand on my principles?

Big picture...life can be so busy and hectic. We should not forget to take time out and enjoy the things that we love to do otherwise life can become one big, boring, monotonous chore.

This week try to do something nice just for yourself

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